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Machine Tool Alignment Inc.
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Metrology Services

Our metrology capabilities at Morley Machine Tool Alignment include the ability to measure, align and calibrate precision components that are critical to the accuracy of CNC machinery using laser-based technologies. We use the latest technology available from Hamar, Renishaw and FARO laser metrology instruments to align machine foundations for new installations, align jigs and fixtures for precision machining applications, and calibrate new or repaired machinery components. It is essential to align these individual parts and pieces of equipment properly to achieve accurate machining results. Many companies spend large sums of money on the most advanced equipment available, but overlook the necessity of using an experienced and knowledgeable Metrology service provider. We have over 20 years' of industry experience in helping customers get the most of out their capital investments.

Additional engineering support services include time studies, logistics, and other concurrent manufacturing and mechanical engineering services that aid in optimizing the manufacturing process. In today's global manufacturing environment, quality and efficiency are a domestic manufacturer's best tools in the constant struggle to compete with low cost offshore labor. By carefully planning machine layouts and maintaining CNC equipment, machine shops and OEM customers alike can achieve unparalleled productivity and precision. For additional information about our metrology services see below, or Contact Us directly today for more information.

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General Capabilities
CNC Laser Alignment, Calibration Services Linear, and Rotary Accuracy
Straightness and Squareness
Laser Tracker Measurement Services
Precision Measurements utilizing in-house Faro® Arm/Tracker or customer-based equipment
Laser Tracker Engineering Support
Floor Layout (inc, Core Drilling)
Permanent Survey Monument Installation
Granite Anchor Installation
Renishaw® Laser and Ballbar Calibration Systems

Engineering Support Applications and Industry Focus
Training (Metrology Techniques, SA and Polyworks Software)
Aerospace Industries
Space Research & Development
Architecture and Construction
Energy (Wind and Hydro)
Steel, Saw, and Paper Mills
Research and Development Projects
Government - Military & Defense
Heavy Machinery Manufacturing
Medical Equipment Manufacturing
Medical Equipment Research & Development
Carbon Fiber Roll Alignment
Large Fabrication Projects
Stone Cutting Equipment
Jigs, Fixtures, and Molds
Conveyor Product Delivery Systems
Large Machine Tools